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American Citizenship

Words you should know

becoming an U.S. citizen
duties of US citizens
Sample Citizen Quiz
Words you should know

Here are a list of vocabulary words and thier definitions that you might want to know.


asylum- protection from arrest and extradition given especially to political refugees by a nation or by an embassy or other agency enjoying diplomatic immunity
dimplomatic immunity- when an ambassador is not subject to the laws of the state to which they are accredited
dual citizenship- the state of being a citizen of to or more countries concurrently
expatriaton- the legal process by which a loss of citizenship occurs
green card- an identity card attesting the permanent resident status of an alien in the United States
illigal allien-  somebody who has entered a country illegally
jus sanguinis- a rule that a child's citizenship is determined by its parents' citizenship
jus soli- a rule that the citizenship of a child is determined by the place of its birth
natralization- to grant citizenship to somebody of foreign birth, or to acquire citizenship in an adopted country
refugee- one who his or her home to seek protection from war, persecution, or some other danger
visa- an official endorsement in a passport authorizing the bearer to enter or leave, and travel in or through, a specific country or region